A Day On The Quantocks

This doesn’t really fall into any set cycling category but we thought it would be nice to share these words by one of our friends day on the Quantocks.

An epic by Shane ‘Sharki’ Austin.

Last night was my fianl ride on the Tox for an unknown duration as i’m travelling the SW and maybe beyond for a time.

I agreed to guiding a fella around showing him a load of new to him trails , meeting him in Holford at 2:30pm.
Well, my train from Malvern arrived into Taunton at 1:30pm giving me an hour to ride, trailer in tow to Holford :/
32 mins after leaving the station i hauled myself and my a trailer full of camping kit over the summit at pines cafe, then rolled on over to the meeting place, 2:35pm i arrived and was puffed from 14miles and 1000ft of ascent.

So to the ride..I unhitched the trailer and we rode of up Holford combe, to just below the hill fort, dropped down to top of ladies combe, across to Bincombe, back up the road, along the gasline to descend frog combe singletrack.
Up Horizon and across to hare knapp dropping down the twisty trail towards holford then swinging left down into Hodders.
Up somerton and Stert combes then to the trig on black hill to pick up the drove to triscombe.

Time now for a little manmade via the singletrack along side the road, Left along the track to Quantock farm and down my little trail, up rocky horror, down the forest track(FT), along the singletrack and back to the FT, left to link up Sams track then up the motorway to get a full run of the chimney.
Up through Ramscombe to sandy beds then along the great bear, via a cheeky connecting trail.

Concrete block next, and up frog combe(main track) to head over for slaughter house descent. To get out i chose to use the other trail down from Hare knapp, the one that drops into Hodders, so up i climbed and for the first time, rode it all 🙂

Up to the cairn, then all the way back along the gasline, to the top of ladies combe, where the final climb was up to up to the hill fort. Down from there, and instead of riding up to the pile of stones(rebuilt cairn) i took him right into Shervage woods down a long fast crazy leaf filled gullly run popping out on the A39 for a wee road ride back to the start. 26miles, taking my ride tally to 40 miles and 5200 ft of ascent.

Gotta love bikes,

Enjoy them hills peeps, i’m off to play on Dartmoor, Exmoor and a few of Cornwalls finest for a month or so.

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