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Come Meet A Ragley In The Flesh…

Ragley Brant Richards, the man behind the now legendary On One 456 mountain bike started his own company and the Ragley Blue Pig was the first product out.   Focusing on ride quality and handling above all else, Ragleys are designed to be for the rider that demands day-in-day-out hardcore performance without fuss. As with most […]

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Single Speeds And Fixies

Swobo SanFrancisco based brand that specialises in unique “track based design” cycles. With a reputation for producing fine fixies and single speeds they also do a selection of hub gear bikes to make it easier to get up those hills – who’d have thought it! There aren’t many people who stock these  in the UK […]

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Six Cycles Are Proud To To Be Main Stockists For…

…Scott Outstanding Swiss (not American as most people believe) brand renowned for producing fast, lightweight but comfortable bikes. Massive range from children’s to carbon time-trial bikes – something for everyone. Mark Cavendish rode one to 6 Tour de France Stage wins last year and 5 this year so they must be doing something right! Most […]

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