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Sabbath Bikes

We are very pleased to announce that we now able to supply Sabbath Bikes.

Sabbath specialise in producing the finest Titanium framed bikes out there. Sabbath was established in late 2006. It was formed and is run by bike riders and enthusiasts. The Sabbath team is small, but between them they boast over 100 years experience in the cycling industry.

But background is only part of it. At Sabbath they’re keen innovators. That means they’re constantly looking at new ways to do things. That’s why they have a big whiteboard in the meeting room. It’s been host to a thousand and one ideas scribbled down for product and service development. It was here that they decided what the 2010 range should include, here that the Ti Wave tubesets, which they’ve launched for 2010 on the Emperor, Pro, Alp models, was first sketched out. It’s on that whiteboard that the on going develop our own in-house custom programme has taken shape. On the whiteboard they’ve made decisions about what components to specify, which to try and which to avoid. Nobody is allowed to clean the whiteboard.

Sabbath is a young bike company with a team of experienced enthusiasts looking to deliver the best possible products. It’s a company with well-used staff bikes and a very cluttered whiteboard.

Sabbath believe in a human centred approach to Design. Design is concerned with your ergonomic fit. That means you should sit naturally on the bike in the way that you’ll spend your time pedalling it for the infinite hours and years ahead.

Each of the 8 models in the range has a specific end user in mind. It’s logical, then, that each model has its specific geometry differences, tubeset tweaks and profile changes that make them uniquely suited to the type of end user they are intended for. Coupled with custom fit options, and a chat and Sabbath bike fit through Six Cycles.

Sabbath Bikes, we’re confident that every rider will find something in the range which suits them exactly and fits like a well tailored glove.

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