Scott Scale Pro 29er Review

Here is a really good review of the Scott Scale Pro 29er from one of our US based customers.

Scott Scale 29 Pro


To start off a little background to my approach in buying this Bike. For many years I have been staunchly against the 29er craze that seems to have lit up the bike market, especially here in the south east of the United States.

In 2008 me and a few friends flew to Colorado for a weekend camping and biking, initially I had rented a full sus 26 but managed to break it on the first ride, the rental shop only had a Titus racer X 29 available, this was the early days of the 29 evolution and did not in anyway convince me it was the way forward. Possibly a little unfair considering the terrain and Titus seemingly had stuck some big wheels on a 26 geometry frame to jump on the band wagon. So for many years I have scoffed at the 29er crowd and enjoyed being a hooligan on 26er’s.

This was until my recent forays into the endurance racing world, 80% of the bikes are 29er and my curiosity was peeked. It was time to revaluate. At the same time a Scott Scale 29 pro appeared at my local bike shop here in Atlanta, and let’s face it, it looks damn good. So without test riding a 29er I thought why not just take a punt and get it, 2 days later I went back into the shop to buy it, but it had been sold the previous day, I was unaware these things are scarcer than hens teeth. So the wait began and in the meantime I would try a few 29ers at demo days around Atlanta.

I now have my Scott, to the point I ran down to the store the day it arrived to help put it

together and get it out on the trail.

First Impressions

Well, it’s got some big wheels and your riding higher up, which feels odd to start with, but very quickly that fades and you’re rolling about wondering where the bumps went. It does what it says on the box, smoothes out the trail, and your fast. Push down on the pedals and the power is straight through to the tire, onto the trail and you’re off. This is 100% racer, on tighter techy stuff or up in the air this is not the bike for me, I’ll be keeping the 26er for weekend fun and trail center days.  I can’t wait to get this thing out for a race, initial rides around Atlanta have put a big smile on my face and my times have come down on previous laps on a 26, fingers crossed this will also apply in a race.


I’ve never been one to worry too much about the weight of my bikes, but damn this thing is light. A few upgrades down the line as things inevitably break and it will be even lighter. Another one of my reasons for buying the bike untested was the Spec it comes with for the price your paying, a fairly if not damn good set of bits to go on that light frame. The Rockshox Reba RL is idiot proof to set up, some air in the top, some in the bottom and your off, a handy little decal on the fork tells you just how much air to put in as well, and it comes with the poploc, push it and your fully rigid for longer climbs. The 10 speed drive train sets you up for the new standard, probably the first things to change will be the shifters, there not as precise as higher end stuff but a minor gripe, and I will probably change the cranks from the triple 3×10 to a double 2×10 setup, the small ring on the 3×10 seems fairly redundant, will see 9 hours into a race. Everything else does what it needs to do.

Big Wheels!


I’m like most people, a new bike always puts a smile on my face, and it’s definitely doing that. If you’re after a bike to race, this is a very affordable way of stepping into the arena with the Lycra crowd to get on the podium. As Americans like to say an awful lot of bang for your buck.  If your undecided on the 29er x 26er debate, 29er is the way to go for a race environment, it’s not for the trail center. I have 2 bikes in my shed, the Scott scale 29 pro for racing and training. The 26 On One Inbred for mucking about on the weekends with friends. One very happy mountain biker.

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  1. J Velez says:

    Where in the hell do you get one of these??? I have been shopping around and cant seem to find one. I am in the USA – California. Any help would be greatly appreciated…..

  2. Steveb says:

    Hello. Scott have completely sold out of these until the 2012 range of bikes is available. There might be a few left with some of the dealers so if you have a good Scott dealer locally they might be able to source one for you.
    thank you for your inquiry.

    Six Cycles


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