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Six Cycles Cyclists Body Care Range Now Available.

We are pleased to announce that the Six Cycles Cyclists Body Care  range is now available for order or purchase.

These products have been designed in conjunction with Great Elm Physick Garden. Great Elm Physick Garden is an organic skincare business working locally in the green hills of Somerset. It was set up in 2005 by two mothers, one a medicinal herbalist, the other a children’s rights campaigner.

Great Elm follows the old theory of ‘simples’: use the best ingredients possible; use as few ingredients as possible, each in sufficient quantity to do its job.

Combine this with our knowledge of cycling and what the modern cyclist needs and you have a winning formula!

Your skin is your body’s primary protection, an extraordinary layer which battles daily with the destructive forces of climate, pollution, stress and ageing. Combine that with the rigours of spending all day on your bike and your skin is going to need a little assistance! We’re here to give it: we use our knowledge of English country garden herbs to make simple, effective and delicious preparations that are designed to nurture your skin, not pickle it.

Dosen't stink like Ralgex does!

Muscle Heat, a warming wax – comes on strong and keeps it up until the muscles are ready to ride. A formidable mix of hot ginger and chilli in herb-infused sunflower seed oil, along with pain-absorbers like galbanum and clove. Its also equally excellent for warming down afterwards.

Has even tamed the dryness of a bike mechanics hands!

Gluteus Maximus, a soothing chamois salve – blended from Chickweed, Chamomile and Marigold in skin-friendly sunflower and beeswax, these herbs are dedicated to easing the sores that the saddle can cause.

step out of the bath relaxed and smelling like ginger!

Muscle Relief, bath soak – ease into that bath and let this cleverly crafted concoction of Wintergreen, Ginger, Rosemary and Lavender work its muscle magic on those punished limbs.

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  1. James says:

    I bought the Gluteus Maximus at the weekend on Saturday having ridden and subsequently rode Sunday and Monday then Tuesday and this makes a real difference and would buy again.


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