Bike spcial offers
We will give you a full quote for any parts required before starting any work. Also, please check our ebay store. Occasionally if we have over ordered or have ordered the wrong thing we will offer the products at discounted prices through the ebay store.

Spring has sprung and cyclists are popping up like new daffodils!!

Everyone is bringing their bikes out of winter hibernation and this has led to a large increase in the amount of bikes through our workshop and what we see is the same problem over and over again – Worn out chain, rear sprockets and front chain rings.

If people were to clean their bikes properly paying special attention to the chain and cogs then bikes are going to run much smoother and moving parts are going to last considerably longer. This is especially important if you mountain bike locally on the Quantocks or Exmoor where the soils are particularly gritty and abrasive.

In the interests of our customers having bikes that run smoother and last longer from 1st April we will be offering a FREE Kaaboom cleaning kit (worth £20) with every new bike sold.

The kit has everything you need to keep your bike gleaming in one convenient package. The KaaBoom Dirt Busting bag contains a 1.1L spray bottle of Cleaner, 200ml Refill, 400ml Citrus Spray Degreaser, a Brush & Sponge. The Durable bag keeps everything together when travelling or stored at home.

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